Amla Laddu - Gift Box Amla Laddu - Gift Box
Amla Laddu - Gift Box
Bael Candy

Bael Candy

Bael Candy-100g

Bael Candy-100g

Amla Laddu - Gift Box

Amla festive favor! Gift that renders the goodness of Amla with a sweet twist! This festive season celebrate health with our only one of its kind Amla Laddu.

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Gifting health with the goodness of amla with a sweet twist. Amla ladoo is a tasty and nutritious, rich dessert which is beneficial for any age group.

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  Fat 0%
  Proteins 0.28%
  Carbohydrates 69.85%
  Energy 281Kcal
  Vitamin C 157.40mg
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