Amla Pearl Candy - 50g Amla Pearl Candy - 50g
Amla Pearl Candy - 50g
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Amla Mouth Freshner - 100g

Bael Candy-50g

Bael Candy-50g

Amla Pearl Candy - 50g

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Fine-dried segments of Amla processed in sugar and cardamom. Health Basket Amla Pearl Candy is an anytime, anywhere snack for everyone. Non-greasy and tasty, it is ideal for kids and adults. It is an excellent appetizer, helps to regulate the metabolic rate of the body and the immune system. Keeps children healthy and active all through the day.

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leaf Improves eyesight of children
leaf Prevents cold & cough
leaf Controls nausea
leaf Reduces biliousness
leaf Immune booster
leaf Cell rejuvenator
leaf Eases stomach disorders
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leaf Amla
leaf Sugar
leaf Citric Acid (E-330)
leaf No artificial colours or flavours
leaf Permitted quantity class II
leaf Preservatives added (E-211)
  Fat 1g
 Cholesterol 1g
  Sodium 8mg
  Corbohydrates 20g
  Dietary Fibre 4g
  Sugar 11g
  Protein 1g
  Vitamin A 10%
  Vitamin C 1%
  Energy 4%
  Calcium 2%
  Potassium 8%