Amla Preserve Amla Preserve
Amla Preserve

Amla Preserve

Skin, hair and body revitalizer
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Health Basket Amla preserve (gooseberry in dash of sugar syrup) is an irresistibly healthy way to nutrition. Health Basket Amla preserve's rich antioxidants revitalizes and rejuvenates each cell of our body, skin & hair. Health Basket Amla preserve wholesome goodness nourishes hair follicles & prevent hair fall. It sharpens vision. Ayurvedic medicine affirms Amla to be a fruit for healthy living & longevity.
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leaf Amla
leaf Sugar
leaf Citric Acid(E-330)
leaf No artificial colours or flavours
leaf Permitted quantity class II
leaf Preservatives added (E-211)
  Fat 0%
  Proteins 0.28%
  Carbohydrates 69.85%
  Energy 281Kcal
  Vitamin C 157.40mg
  Anti oxidant - anti ageing
  Enhances digestion
  Prevents Hair fall, greying
  Strengthens skin & gums
  Regulates metabolism
  Increases vitality
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