Bael Candy-50g Bael Candy-50g
Bael Candy-50g
Amla Pearl Candy - 50g

Amla Pearl Candy - 50g

Amla Mouth Freshner - 50g

Amla Mouth Freshner - 50g

Bael Candy-50g

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Vilvam (Bael) has been recognized for its medicinal values since ages. Health Basket Bael candy's tannin content is effective in healing stomach and intestinal ulcers. Health Basket Bael is an excellent laxative & helps in relieving constipation and piles. Health basket Bael relieves abdominal colic & flatulence. Its digestive and carminative properties ensure optimum gut function. It also acts as a natural coolant.

More Information
leaf Digestive supplement
leaf Treats stomach & intestinal ulcers
leaf Enhances vitality
leaf Treats constipation, piles & fissures
leaf Relieves flatulence
leaf Beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome
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leaf Vilvam (Bael)
leaf Sugar & Citric Acid (E- 330)
leaf No artificial colours or flavours
leaf Permitted quantity class II
leaf Preservatives added (E-211)
  Fat 0g
  Saturated Fat 1g
 Trans Fat 0g
 Cholesterol 1g
  Sodium 6mg
  Corbohydrates 20g
  Dietary Fibre 2g
  Sugar 10g
  Protein 1g
  Vitamin A 1%
  Energy 4%
  Calcium 1%
  Potassium 3%