Millet Laddu -100g Millet Laddu -100g
Millet Laddu -100g
Amla Laddu - Gift Box - 300g

Amla Laddu - Gift Box - 300g

Millet Laddu - 200g

Millet Laddu - 200g

Millet Laddu -100g

Healthy snacking for healthy living. Millet laddu is a delicious delight with health benefits.

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Health Basket Millet laddu is a good alternative for unhealthy laddus. Our ladoos are tasty, delightful source of vitamins. As they contain natural ingredients, millet laddu calories count weighs less in comparison to others as refined sugar is not used during the processing of pearl millet laddu.

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Pearl Millet Special Jaggery Dry Ginger Cardamom Flax seed Cashew Nut Cow Ghee
  Energy 520kcal
  Carbs 67g
  Fat 7g
  Fiber 4g
 Protein 9g 
 Calcium 10%
 Iron 10%