Valaithandu Soup Valaithandu Soup
Valaithandu Soup
Thoothuvalai Soup

Thoothuvalai Soup

Mudakatran Soup

Mudakatran Soup

Valaithandu Soup

Remedy for kidney stones, helps in weight reduction and relieves from stomach ulcers

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Health Basket Valaithandu soup or Plantain stem soup key ingredient the banana stem is a useful source of nutrition providing health benefits. Valaithandu soup benefits in flushing out toxic properties from the body effectively cleansing the system it provides the needed fiber for your gut containing very few calories it improves metabolism and adds relief to burning tummy.

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  Add a spoon of Health BasketSolanumTrilobatum Soup powder to 100ml of water. 6.08g
  Boil for 5mins. 6.08g
  Suggested to garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot. 6.08g
  Plantain Stem
  Thai Ginger
  Indian Ginseng
  Total Fat 6.08g
  Dietary Fibre 14.52g
  Total Carbohydrate 67.61mg
  Protein 9.08g
  Energy 361.48kcal
  Calcium 365.98mg
  Iron 6.32mg
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